WXLW Tower Site
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FCC Engineers
We have employed the professional services of Munn-Reese 
Munn-Reese is familiar with our site and tower system. They recently re-designed the entire array. 

​The engineers at Munn-Reese are locating  the tower on the property, and applying to the FAA and FCC for the authorization to build the tower. We will provide you with the application and file numbers. We expect the new tower will be located in the north side of the property in line with the existing towers.

517 - 278 -7339

Wayne Reese owner of the company will oversee this project. Contact information for Munn-Reese is 
Wayne Reese, President - Ext 103 - e-mail him at Wayne @ Munn-Reese.com

Rick Grzebik, Field Engineer - Frequency Coordinator - Ext 108 - e-mail him at Rick @ Munn-Reese.com

​Further engineering consulting services are also provided by:

LBA Group:  David Horn   LBA Group, Inc. consists of Lawrence Behr Associates, Inc. offering consulting services and LBA Technology, Inc. that is manufacturing and hardware oriented. Since 1963, the common focus of LBA is RF and wireless applications and communications, primarily in the government and commercial sectors worldwide. LBA is a CMSDC certified small disadvantaged Hispanic business.
David Horn
Business Development
LBA Group, Inc.
252-757-0279 ext. 221