WXLW Tower Site
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About WXLW Tower Site "Tower Works"
Tower Works is erecting the new 150 foot Monopole as well as the new 2 additional towers.

Jeffrey A Bussie
Project Manager
Tower Works Inc.
47W543 Perry Road
Maple Park, IL 60151
630-557-2221 Office
630-456-6957 Cell

Tower Works Inc website

Total cost for the erection of the 150 Foot Monopole only including foundations.

8/7/15: Current plan calls for Tower Works to be on site Monday August 17th to de-commission tower # 3 and begin to prepare to install the foundation for the 150 foot Monopole. We are going to use quick dry concrete $20.00 extra per yard about 32 yards in order to erect the new tower in 7 days rather that 28 days. This is dependent on Tower Works getting the tower base plate ASAP in order to install it at the same time as the foundations are poured.

I need Terry at Sabre to give me a shipping date for the Base Plate and tower delivery ASAP. The plan is to have the tower in the air by the end of August or at the latest early September.